Organizational operations

We understand that managers of not-for-profit organizations have their hands full looking after day-to-day operations. We can:

>> Search out fundraising, sponsorship and promotional opportunities;

>> Develop a donor acquisition and retention plan;

>> Develop a volunteer recruitment and retention plan;

>> Search out partnership opportunities with compatible businesses;

>> Research funding sources and prepare funding applications;

>> Facilitate public relations workshops for management and staff;

>> Provide constructive analysis of branding, media use including social media, marketing programs and public relations;

>> Provide bookkeeping services. 

Board governance

We assist not-for-profit organizations to develop a policy-driven governance model which clearly defines the roles of boards and staff, and ensures that boards concentrate on the big picture.

Through workshops, we examine the following topics to arrive at a governance system that fully meets the requirements and expectations of the organization and its members:

>> Board roles and responsibilities;

>> Board structure and committees;

>> Organizational structure;

>> Board policies;

>> Board-management relations;

>> Strategic planning for the organization.


We assist with strategic communications planning and implementation, including development and implementation of:

>> Marketing plans including branding and logo design, the use of social media, web site design and management, and use of printed media;

>> Domain name registration, email accounts, web building systems and more;

>> Reputation management plan;

>> Crisis media management;

>> Social engagement and advocacy.

We engage management and staff to make sure they fully understand and participate in these processes.

And more...

We provide box office and online ticketing services to facilities that host or provide paid-admission events. 

For us, it's all about providing personal service

UncommonSense Business Solutions provides a variety of strategic, governance and operational services to small businesses and not-for-profit organizations.

Our personal, first-hand experience with both business and organizations provides us with a unique perspective to work with business owners and managers, and not-for-profits, and offer practical solutions.

Our services are offered on a negotiated fee-for-service basis -- we discuss your requirements with you in detail, provide you with a proposal, and when accepted we get at it and invoice you when the work is done. No prepayments, no surprises, just results.

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of UncommonSense Business Solutions.

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