Ashley Bishop

Ashley Bishop has attended the University of Regina and Athabasca University. She completed the Public Relations program in 2016 and continues to pursue the completion of her arts degree while working in the public relations field.
Her love of strategic planning, marketing/advertising, crisis communications and social media management has allowed her to excel in both small business and non-profit organizations' projects. 
While attending university she managed and maintained a non-profit campaign for the Mood Disorder's Society of Canada. The campaign was structured around strategic planning related to donor acquisition and retention, funding opportunities, and news media management. 

In addition, Ashley is a Public Relations Consultant for OSI-CAN Support Initiative. Her involvement is instrumental with regards to providing strategic communications planning, editing and revising documents, social media advice, new fundraising concepts, and volunteer/participant role templates. 
A large part of Ashley's free time encompasses community involvement and volunteering. 

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T: 306.726.8096

About UncommonSense

Dick DeRyk

Along with having done print and web site design, extensive writing of all kinds, logo design and web site hosting and maintenance, Dick also has extensive experience with boards and organizations.

He spearheaded the establishment, and was the founding chair of Tourism Yorkton, Tourism Saskatchewan, the amalgamated Saskatchewan Golf Association, and the Godfrey Dean Art Gallery. Other board experience includes his local Chamber of Commerce, a social service agency, and a provincial communications co-operative. 

He served 13 years on his hometown city council where he was active in  economic development work, and served as an executive member of a provincial rural economic development task force.

He is well-versed in bookkeeping and marketing for organizations, and can provide boards with insight into good governance based on policy development and longterm planning, instead of micro-management. 

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T: 306.783.4574 

UncommonSense Business Solutions consists of Dick DeRyk and associates, and provides practical and affordable assistance to businesses, not-for-profit organizations, institutions, and charitable organizations. 

The business started in 1999 and concentrated primarily on web site development. 

While Dick's background and original areas of expertise were writing and print design, used extensively in his first career as journalist and newspaper editor/owner, his business experience goes far beyond that. 

Now, after more than four decades as an owner and operator of small businesses as varied as quick-service and full-service restaurants, retail clothing sales, commercial property management, desktop publishing, speech and report writing, and web design, he has expanded UncommonSense to include new associates and offer additional services.

There is nothing more uncommon than common sense. 
Frank Lloyd Wright